Meet the Family



Freddie loves to go to the beach and is interested in sea creatures, he particularly loves starfish and crabs. He wants to be a marine biologist when he's older which means he will study and look after all the creatures in the sea.

What would you like to be when you grow up?
How many sea creatures can you name?

Freddie has a pet starfish called Dotty. He also has a twin sister and her name is Bear.



At the moment Harry loves anything to do with knights and castles. In the holidays he loves to visit castles with his friends and they often use pretend swords so they can have a battle and try to capture the baddies and save the goodies.

Which castles have you visited, can you list them all?
How about drawing a picture of your favourite castle?

Harry has a pet dinosaur called Whizz.



Bertie's favourite dressing up game is pirates. When it's his birthday he asks his mum to hide his presents around the house and garden and then she marks them on a treasure map; Bertie then has to try to find them.

Can you make your own treasure map for your friends to find things that you have hidden?

Bertie loves his pet parrot called Horace, can you believe that Horace can talk!



Bear is a keen horse rider and she recently won a rosette at a gymkhana in the egg and spoon race! Bear has a brown pony called Chocolate, he loves to be brushed and have lots of cuddles; his favourite food is carrots.

Have you ever ridden a pony?
If you had your own pony what would you call yours?

Bear is really lucky because she has a twin brother called Freddie. Do you know any twins?



Daisy loves being in the garden and in the spring and summer she grows flowers and vegetables. She has her own little plot of earth and her own tools; a little fork and trowel. She hopes to make a carrot cake with the carrots she has grown this year, so long as Bear's pony, Chocolate, doesn't eat them all!

Have you ever grown any vegetables and if so, were they delicious when you ate them?

Daisy has made friends with a worm which she calls Wiggles. She also has two chickens to look after called Nelly and Welly.



Hatty loves to dress up and to design her own clothes, she's always drawing new outfits and making them for her teddies. As you can see she particularly likes hats, large ones, small ones, fancy ones and plain ones!

Can you make some outfits for your teddy?

Hatty has a pet flamingo, can you believe it and she calls her Petunia!



Lucy is happiest when she's dancing, she is just learning ballet at the moment. She recently won a trophy and took it into school to show the rest of her class. They were very impressed and wanted to ask her lots of questions, such as "Is it hard dancing when lots of people are watching you?"

Have you ever taken anything into school for "Show and Tell"?

Lucy is very lucky as she can some times take her pet rabbit to school; she's called Lolly.



Sarah loves going to the beach to build sandcastles, fly her kite and eat ice-cream!

What do you like to do at the beach?

She sometimes arranges to meet Freddie and Bear and they see who can build the biggest sandcastle or who can fly their kite the highest. Their mummies like to chat too! When Sarah grows up she would like to be a nurse and look after sick children.

Can you think of any duties that a nurse does?

Sarah sometimes practises her bandaging skills on her puppy Pumpkin.

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